Janice & Flook

Flook is a 14 year old German Westphalian gelding who has competed up to Prix St George @ Devon. Janice and Flook will take the year slowly to develop their new relationship. Check back for updates on their progress this show season.

2013 Results

2nd Place Silver Cadora-ON Year End Winner Open Fourth Level earning scores of 65.38, 61.8 and 63 and received a plaque from the awards committee

Janice and Flook also won the Cadora Ontario Silver Championship for 4th level with scores of 63.851 for test 2 and 62.625 for test 3

Along with the individual prizes she was also part of the Briar Quest Babes Western division team challenge who won 1st place with a combined score of 191.96

After a successful year, Janice and Flook have earned themselves a spot in the Cadora-Ontario Roster of Riders