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Are you an advanced dressage rider?  Are you looking for coaching from a Grand Prix level?  Come and learn from Janice’s coach Karin Davis.

Lessons are $100 per hour and provide one on one attention.  Contact Janice to schedule your lessons with Karin Davis.
About Karin Davis from the Toronto CADORA Hall of Fame:

“Recipient — Toni Thompson “Spirit of Dressage” Award 2009

Nominated by Hilary Balmer

When I read the description for this award, which stated that the nominee should demonstrate “dedication, performance and merit and devote positive energy to the betterment of the sport of dressage,” there is one individual who absolutely exemplifies and fulfills this criteria – Karin Davis.

When I met Karin in 2006, it was just like a breath of very fresh air. An inimitable Australian, she presented such a dynamic perspective about the art and sport of dressage, and  even more amazing she did so with such sincere enthusiasm.

Since that first meeting I have had the pleasure of not only watching Karin coach some of her other students, but have also personally reaped the rewards of Karin’s mentoring and coaching. It is extremely important to point out that while Karin is eminently qualified in her own right, she always shows the greatest respect towards other equally qualified individuals not only in dressage but in other equestrian disciplines as well.

In her home country of Australia, Karin won numerous awards and accolades, not the least of which was her involvement with Para-dressage and the loaning of her great horse, Mighty Heights, as a mount for qualified participants.

Whenever Karin is asked to give a demonstration, she enthusiastically and generously agrees to do so no matter how large or small the event may be. What has also impressed me is that she is always willing and NEVER asks to receive any compensation for doing so. Karin continues to contribute in this way because such demonstrations and events make dressage visible and exciting. Significant funds for a number of silent auctions have been raised because Karin was so willing to donate coaching sessions.

At the 2008 Everything Equine Exposition and Trade Show, Karin electrified the large audience with her Freestyle ride. At the 2009 Expo, Karin (and Angela Monsma) performed their Pas de Deux in a torrential downpour — complete with dripping hats, very wet horses and warm smiles! And, once again Karin’s sincerity and generosity shone as she (and Angela) thrilled the audience at the DIAMONDS, DENIM & DRESSAGE fund raiser at WindReach Farm in September 2009. Karin’s support and assistance helped to make this event the success that it was. (We actually raised $3000 for WindReach!)

Karin is one of the most competent and capable coaches we are fortunate to have. She is able to articulate what she is observing in a student (either human or horse),

into easily understandable language. The mark of a really good equestrian teacher is not necessarily in how many champions they may produce, but rather in how riders are able to continue to refine and improve their skills. Karin is able to work with the very green rider (or horse) right up to Olympic prospects — the most notable being Jessica Phoenix.

Whenever any of Karin’s students enter competitions, from Bronze to Gold, they are well prepared. Karin is such a special mentor particularly for any pre-show jitters and so many of us have been much more empowered when trotting to `X’ to begin our tests.

Each and every single day, Karin is out there, doing and giving of her expertise, generosity and talents — coaching far and wide. I believe that it would be quite safe to say that there is not one area of dressage in which Karin is not involved. She strongly supports CADORA.

Karin really is an “out of the box” thinker and doer. Her refreshing and genuine approach to dressage in general and dressage coaching in particular, is something that has been needed in Canada for a very long time.

As someone who has been both an observer and participant in the Canadian Horse Industry for over 40 years, and also one who knows the principles for which Toni Thompson stands, I believe that there is no individual more deserving to receive the Toni Thompson “Spirit of Dressage” Award.

Hilary A. Balmer Reg.N.

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